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CBD packaging company and advices

Brand my dispo is the best CBD packaging company. It’s included in top five packaging’s companies. The “experts” of these products once confined to sale in a dark alley are now the founders of growing start-ups based on the medicinal, therapeutic or recreational benefits of this plant. The concern for these brands is that many of them don’t properly distinguish their cannabis-based products from CBD or THC. And the cannabis market is not to be taken lightly.  In this article, we will offer you some examples of companies that have succeeded in their packaging and their marketing strategy and have been able to follow the packaging and labeling recommendations in force.

Among other things, we will see in this article information on different subjects such as:

  • Explanations and definitions of terms around CBD
  • The CBD market in UK
  • How to create your logo, brand image and packaging with examples
  • Legal aspects and advice

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CBD, cannabis, THC, hemp: better understand this lexicon

The vocabulary revolving around the cannabis plant gives CBD a nasty reputation. The terms merge and give rise to misunderstandings which mean that we do not always know what substance we are dealing with.

How do brands cope with the competition?

The demand for CBD in many types of consumer goods, from food to health products to beauty products, offers businesses a multitude of opportunities. So, you will understand, the biggest short-term challenge for CBD companies will be the competition and therefore, to find a way to distinguish themselves from other brands. So many factors come into play at this time like marketing or branding. It is therefore essential to have all these checkpoints in place to be a surviving business.

  • The truth is it takes more than a bold logo or smart handwriting font to build a brand that will stand the test of time when operating in an emerging industry that has a gray area among its legalities.
  • Effective branding is the one that drives your customers to buy your products now and keeps them coming back even 15 years later.
  • With all of this clearly defined, you will be able to develop a logo, color scheme, and a wide range of other branding elements that will help you put your brand’s values into its visual appearance.

In the world of branding, there are many forms that have specific implications.

  • The drops represent the liquid
  • Bubbles involve communication
  • The flames represent heat

And a seven-branched green leaf represents marijuana, hemp, and just about anything cannabinoid-related. Many brands of CBD do not hesitate to adopt this form and place it at the forefront of their branding. For example, Hi is a monthly subscription box service that has gone for a nicely leafy design. However, with the sudden increase in hemp, cannabis and CBD products, many other brands have emerged that have used the green leaf as an “easy” way to brand their business. CBD brands that want to stand out and perpetuate their branding take a more subtle approach to their branding by letting the pointed and triangular shape influence but not dominate their branding, they stand out from the masses while maintaining subtle shades of green leaf.

Packaging is one of the most critical parts of CBD branding. The packaging not only contains and protects your product; it also presents it to customers. It conveys a message and gives a first impression on the brand.

The packaging can have 2 main functions:

  • Primary packaging is the packaging that contains your raw product.
  • If you sell CBD oil, your primary packaging is the glass dropper bottle.
  • If you sell candy, this is the box or bottle that contains all of your candy
  • If you sell leaves, it is a bag or pouch that holds the leaves
  • Secondary packaging is the packaging used to store or deliver your packaging.

If you are selling in a physical store, your secondary packaging will be the box that (usually) contains your primary packaging.

If you sell online, your e-commerce packaging is also essential for your branding

Your shipping box is the first point of contact between your business and your customer, so you need to make a great first impression with a memorable unboxing experience. Also consider using alternative packaging options for your brand of CBD. The stand-up pouches are small, light and made from recycled papers, which makes them ideal for CBD products. If your brand has eco-responsibility as one of its core values, consider using a bio plastic bag. Being biodegradable and made from recycled materials, they break down easily. Therefore we are providing best and safe packaging.

Here are some legal points to keep in mind when starting your business:

Know the regulations

Of course, the design of your CBD packaging will need to contain specific information. This information should also be readily available on our particular website. Familiarize yourself with the packaging guidelines as well as general labeling requirements for CBD products. Before launching your brand, have an independent party review your branding to make sure it doesn’t appeal to kids and that everything is in order. Don’t hesitate to hire professionals to audit your business and make sure everything is correct.

A watchword: transparency

Your brand identity is part of an industry that has spent most of its life on the black market. Some norms and values may have spread in the legalized industry due to its black market roots. It’s your job to make sure that everything you do is flawless in your country or region where you wish to operate. Take the trouble to go through all the bureaucratic hurdles to work legally instead of taking shortcuts. This will ensure the sustainability of your brand.

Pay attention to copyright

Copyright infringement can destroy a brand no matter what it sells. Concretely, in the world of edible products, beware of the name you give to your products. Trying to capitalize on the brand awareness of other products will get you in big trouble with the authorities.


  • You don’t have to take the ‘cliché’ route with your CBD brand to be successful
  • Make your brand values the basis of your identity
  • Perfect the design of your CBD packaging
  • Learn the rules up close and follow them

Finding the right message and echoing it on your packaging design, logo, and marketing message can be problematic. When done right, you will have created a strong brand that can appeal to a wide range of customers. If you want to design your next packaging for CBD products, we provide you with our 3D editor where you can easily create the packaging that suits you, in the colors and patterns you want, now!

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