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Alphabetized List of High-CBD Strains

Cannatonic was one of the very first CBD-rich strains, sparking the start of the CBD revolution. Cannatonic has become the grandmother strain that parented many of the subsequent strains showcased here. A complex and valuable strain that is responsible for much of the CBD awareness and CBD success stories, it was created by Resin Seeds of Spain in 2008.

A cross between a female MK Ultra and a famous G13 Haze male, Cannatonic is a unique hybrid strain bred specifically for its low THC content (rarely above 6 percent) and its high CBD content (usually between 7 percent and 15 percent).

Usually, flowers have a ratio between 1:1 and 2:1 of CBD:THC. Since it is grown from seeds, the offspring have a wide variety of CBD and THC content, and on a few occasions the ratio has been extremely high, in the 20:1+ range. These exceptional plants have been set aside and cloned, producing other strains such as AC/DC and C-6. Cannatonic’s genes live on in some of the most popular strains now arriving on the CBD arena, as it is being crossbred to produce offspring strains such as Canna Tsu, Remedy, and Valentine X.

Cannatonic is one of the premier medicinal strains, good for pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, cancer, relaxation, anxiety, migraines, and a wide variety of psychological disorders. It has been known to help with nausea, stress, and mood disorders and helps focus the mind. CBG and myrcene, which are dominant in Cannatonic, may be responsible for making this strain such a great pain regulator, both chronic and acute.


It is also good for fibromyalgia and inflammation. Cannatonic has an earthy odor with a mild, sweet, and slightly lemon flavor. Its taste is citrus, spice, smooth, and creamy. It soothes and accelerates the healing of many illnesses. While classified as sativa/indica hybrid 50/50, the medicinal effect is more like 40/60 indica dominant. It has a medium difficulty to grow, and it flowers in nine weeks. The potency ranges from 6–17 percent CBD. Seed packs will be 75 percent CBD-rich, and half of them most likely will be 1:1 ratio.

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