An Employment Lawyer- When do I Need to Hire One?

Not every one of us needs an employment lawyer in our lifetime. If you are working in an office, you might meet him during an event or so. It might not be the case with everyone. Many employees complain of getting harassed at work, receiving workplace injuries, and other instances that they have to contact a qualified Hackensack employment lawyer. He can save you from a lot of hassles at the workplace. There are state and federal laws for employers and employees. An employment lawyer is a legal professional who specializes in this field of law.

Why an employee hires an employment lawyer

During the working period, an employee may hire an employment lawyer if he is facing the below-mentioned issues:

  • Discrimination in the workplace– It may be common at the workplace but needs immediate attention.
  • Wrongful termination- An employee may get terminated without notice or based on frivolous grounds.
  • Contract violations– If there have been violations in the employee contract.
  • Sexual harassment- Any action that explains the sexual act without the consent of an employee such as remarks, sending text, rape, or inappropriate touch.
  • Issues related to wages, benefits, and promotions

An employment lawyer can review the case and suggest the best solutions according to the state’s employment laws. Additionally, an employee may file a lawsuit against the employer if he has refused to pay for the workplace injury. The issues may vary from one employee to another. However, an attorney is the right person, who can go through the problem and figure out if there is a valid case. All these cases are filed with the help of an employment lawyer.

Why an employer hires an attorney 

An employer can also protect his rights with the help of an employment attorney. He can hire a full-time attorney at the company or contact him as and when required depending on the needs. Some of the instances when he needs an employment attorney are elaborated below:

  • Employee relates issues such as disputes, formulating policies, and drafting contracts and agreements.
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Disputes between clients, partners, customers, and union
  • Registering the company, introducing new policies and amendments to the existing ones

An employment lawyer works closely with his clients to offer the best possible solution.  If you are looking for the best one, you must get in touch with a few of them. By comparing the expertise and skills, you can hire the best one.

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