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An Ethnobotany of CBD-Rich Cannabis

When I (Juliana Birnbaum) applied to work at Synergy Wellness in 2015, I needed to find a local job but was somewhat skeptical about the concept of medical marijuana and assumed that most people were actually using it to, as they say, “get high.” Not that I had a problem with that—as a person who likes to write, make music, hike, practice yoga, and dance, I had long found that cannabis helped me drop in quickly and deeply to creative work and sparked innovative thoughts and ideas.

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I had for many years intuitively felt that it was a safe and beneficial plant medicine, and that in small doses it helped with anxiety and depression. I used it for pain relief during my monthly cycle and in the early stages of labor during the otherwise unmedicated births of my two daughters.

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(It guided me to write a mantric poem that I used for strength during the most intense periods of my long first delivery.) My work as an assistant midwife and doula at nearly one hundred births in the San Francisco Bay Area had shown me that micro doses of cannabis could be effective in facilitating intervention and pharmaceutical-free births as well as healthy pregnancies in women with varying levels of hyperemesis gravidarum—extreme nausea and vomiting that endangers the unborn baby and causes dehydration and weight loss 6 (see Chapter 5 for more on women’s health issues).

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I spent my first few months as the new office manager at Synergy Wellness secretly looking for other jobs. After all, I had a graduate degree in cultural anthropology and a background as a reporter and editor. I had recently published a book on the worldwide sustainable agriculture and design movement, so I was looking for what I considered more legitimate work connected to writing, the environment, women’s health, or social justice.

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And cannabis still carries a stigma from its long history of carefully orchestrated propaganda against its use—not the easiest job title to explain to other parents on the playground. Then I started to hear, firsthand, the stories of some of the Synergy Wellness members whose orders for medicine I was fulfilling each day. There was the veteran treating his PTSD who told me he was trying our products after six of his friends from the military committed suicide and he was determined to go off the meds they were also on

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