App Developer Program Policies

Let’s make the world’s most reliable supply of apps and video games.

Your innovation is what drives our typical fulfillment. But what is observed becomes a responsibility. These Developer Program Policies Together with your Developer Distribution Agreement via Google Play, we make sure that we can provide billions of people with the most innovative and dependable apps. Would you please explore our policies underneath?

Restricted Content

People from everywhere globally use Google Play to get the right of entry to their apps and video games each day. It would help if you verified that your app is suitable for Google Play and complies with local legal guidelines. Low code platform for java developers also use for it.

Apps containing minor sexual content material may be removed from the Store right now, inclusive of but not confined to apps promoting child sexual abuse. Or beside the point interactions aimed toward kids (This includes petting or petting)

Also, apps that attract youngsters aren’t allowed. But there are subjects for adults. This consists of, however, is not constrained to apps with immoderate violence, bloodshed, and bloodshed. Apps that depict or promote dangerous and dangerous activities. Includes apps that show pics for enjoyment. Plastic surgery, weight reduction, stunning parent

If admitting to having child sexual abuse pictures, We will report the relevant authorities and delete the Google account of the character concerned about such distribution.

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Besides the point content

To continue to make Google Play a secure and dependable platform, we’ve put in location terms that outline and limit the content that is dangerous or irrelevant to users. You can use mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker low code alternatives.

Sexual Content and Profanity

We don’t permit apps that consist of or sell sexual or profane content. Contains pornographic pics or content material or offerings intended for sexual enjoyment. Content containing nudity can be accepted if miles usually are for academic, documentary, medical, or innovative paintings. And it does not display effects for no cause.

Here are some examples of unusual violations.

Problematic depictions of sexual nudity or suggestive gestures, blurring or wearing petite dresses. And the garments which can be worn do not continually observe the context of favor suitability.

Creating snapshots, animations, or illustrations of sexual interests The frame’s sexual gestures or gestures in sexuality

Content that depicts or is sexually suggestive of sexual help Illegal content material and hobbies.

Obscene or vulgar content material This content material contains, but isn’t always restrained to, content material that can include profanity. Deceptive and probably beside the point messages Adult/Sexual critical phrases on your shop list or in your app.

Content that describes or promotes human-animal intercourse.

An app that assists Escort companies for sexual delight or other offers considered sexual offers in exchange for repayment.

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An app that discredits visitors

Hate speech

You don’t permit apps that sell violence or incite hatred against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic beginning, religion, incompetence, age, nationality, veteran’s preference, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristics. Regarding systematic discrimination or social exclusion.

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An app with Nazi-associated EDSA content. (for coaching, documentary, medical or innovative purposes) maybe blocked in some international locations. Consistent with neighboring prison guidelines and regulations

Here are some examples of common violations:

Content or statements that the included group isn’t human, inferior, or worth of hate.

Apps that include hate speech, stereotypes, or theories that the organization deems horrific (e.G., dangerous, derogatory, insidious) express or imply that the organization is harmful.

The content material or phrases encourage others to accept that someone has to be hated or discriminated against because they belong to the included group.

Content promotes hate symbols in conjunction with flags, trademarks, banners, props, or behavior associated with hate businesses.


We don’t allow apps that depict or promote senseless violence. As well as other desired risky sports, apps showing fictitious violence in leisure contexts. Such as cartoons, hunting or fishing are licensed.

Here are some examples of uncommon violations.

Realistic depictions or descriptions of violence or severe threats towards a person or animal.

Apps that sell self-damage, suicide, bullying, harassment consuming issues, different desires, or actions may also result in extreme damage or death.

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