Cannabis Growing Journey

Growing cannabis, unlike some other crops, entails more than just collecting seeds and planting them.

Completing your cannabis journey necessitates some steps and processes, including proper study, obtaining a permit to grow it, selecting the right seed, and determining the reason for producing it. Most states allow Cannabis farms to do so for medical benefits, and growing lawfully for other reasons would be challenging.

Your primary focus may be the plant’s habitat, such as whether you like growing indoors or outdoors. However, i49 is one store where you can obtain seeds that can be grown indoors and outdoors, so meeting this demand should be simple.

This post will walk you through every resource you’ll need to get started on your cannabis journey smoothly and effectively. Let’s get this party started!

Steps to Begin Your Cannabis Journey

Getting Prepared

To get the finest harvest outcomes, you must be patient and dedicated. Before beginning the procedure, especially as a newcomer, you must grasp the regulations and rules that govern the plant’s growth in your state. First, you must obtain the best tools, your selected feminized seed, and buy feminized seeds from a reputable seed bank in your state.

It would be best if you recognized that the procedure would necessitate your contribution of time, fertilizer, water, and other resources to help care for the plants and their habitat. There are two methods or systems for growing cannabis, and before you begin, you must select whether you want to grow the herb indoors or outdoors, as this will play an important role in the configuration that will be best for your planting system.

Cannabis Cultivation Indoors

Growing the weed indoors would assist the farmer more because, as a novice, you would need to watch your plant regularly to ensure that the procedure did not go wrong. Using a modest room in your home for manufacturing is very inexpensive because it does not necessitate a large investment. Here are some things to think about if you prefer indoor production:

  • Creating the Environment

You must designate a location to grow the plant using your planting tools. It would be best if you kept the area light-tight and clean. If you’re interested in commercial weed production, you should set it up in a way that encourages female plant production because male plants will eventually be uprooted. The room must also be ventilated and kept at a comfortable temperature for the plants to thrive.

  • Growing Lights

Choosing high-quality indoor lighting is critical since it influences harvest quantity and condition. LED light-emitting diodes, fluorescent light switches, and high-intensity discharge lights are the most often used for indoor cannabis cultivation.

The temperature

Cannabis, like any other crop, requires the proper temperature to flourish. The weed requires carbon dioxide and fresh air to aid with photosynthesis. This means that your growing environment must have adequate air circulation for optimal outcomes. However, keep in mind that some cannabis varieties can tolerate or enjoy extreme temperatures.

Nutrient Supplementation for Your Plants

To achieve the best results from your cannabis, you must feed it macronutrients. Once a week, you feed the herb a proper nutrient extract or provide them with a pre-fertilizer organic soil mixture. It is also vital that nitrogen be supplied to the cannabis plant throughout the vegetative stage.

Cannabis Production in the Outdoors

Growing cannabis outdoors is a fantastic learning experience for any farmer. However, you would have to give up your time and money for the process. Planting cannabis outdoors for personal use does not require a vast plot of land because a modest garden space can suffice. Commercial cannabis cultivation, on the other hand, may necessitate a significant financial investment. Growing your cannabis outside will provide the plants with direct sunlight, allowing them to thrive. If you believe that going outside is the way to go, examine the following factors:

  • Relative Cost

Using soil to grow cannabis outdoors will save you a lot of money because you won’t need an AC unit, dehumidifiers, or a lot of electricity. On the other hand, your energy would be channeled into studying the role of selecting a good seed, clone, soil, and fertilizer.

  • Choosing an Outdoor Space

When growing cannabis, selecting the correct outdoor location is critical so that the plant has direct access to sunlight during the day, which adds greatly to the plant’s health.

  • Pest Control in the Outdoors

Insects can cause plant infestations, which can also harm cannabis. One of the most efficient ways to prevent your cannabis from insect infestation is to keep it healthy and clean. If the infestation becomes too severe, you’ll need to eliminate the infected plants.

When Should You Plant Your Cannabis?

The first stage of cannabis cultivation is fragile and requires much care. Whether you’re utilizing clones or sprouting your cannabis seeds, you still need to take precautions to cultivate cannabis successfully.

Cannabis farmers frequently prefer to begin cultivation indoors to shield the plant from harsh outdoor surroundings. Growing seedlings indoors under the appropriate conditions protects them against mold, pests, and infections. It also allows them to develop strong enough to resist pest infestations naturally in their healthy state.

It is best to start planting your cannabis in the spring or early summer. To be successful on this journey, you must also perform the following.

  • Do not overwater or over fertilize your cannabis.
  • Avoid using biological fertilizers, which may be damaging to the herb.
  • Don’t let bugs ruin your plants.
  • When watering the plants, only use clean water.


Growing cannabis necessitates a certain amount of competence and commitment, and you must be able to demonstrate these qualities to be successful on your journey. This article has detailed the processes you must take when cultivating cannabis. These methods have been proved to work, and with the correct devotion, you may quickly begin your trip with little worry.


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