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Water your plant ever second or third day or better still when they dry out. Never let the soil dry out completely for long periods of time. I find that the following method works best with good size pots. Day A – watering, Day B – let dry, Day C – let dry, Day D – check soil and water if needed.

This really does depend on the size of your pots though. If you pick up your pot when it is dry and pick up the same pot when it is has been watered, you can tell the difference in weight. This is a good way to judge if your pots need water or not. It is easy to see signs of over-watering. Watch your plants after you have watered them for the next 2 – 3 days.

Do the fan leaves point outwards to receive more light? Or do they wilt downwards and look like claws. If they wilt then you may be under-watering or over-watering. Check the soil. Is it dry? If it is then add more water. If it’s wet, then leave the soil dry out for more time until your 184 leaves pick up again. You will eventually understand more about your plants needs as it grows along. What you need to do is form a pattern or relationship with your plants watering needs.


Over-watering does kill plants if the watering continues. If this happens let it dry out and hope for the best. Use a fan near the surface of the soil if you can. You may find that you need to water everyday because your light may be discharging a lot of heat. Your plant needs all the light it can get in vegetative growth. Leave your light on 24 hours a day and enjoy watching your plant as it grows.

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