Critical Purple autoflower seeds are the secret weapon of those tokers that never seem to get stressed out!

In only nine weeks, these feel-good bombs turn into gorgeous marijuana crops teeming with THC-laden buds. Their sweet ganja scents melt away knots of tension and leave you freely floating in the ether.

Join us as we discover everything this powerful strain has to offer. We’ll share some basic info, followed by the reasons it should be on your radar and handy cultivation tips. We’ll deliver purchase recommendations for your next growing adventure to round things off.

Critical Purple autoflower seeds: Description

Critical Purple autoflower seeds are the fast, non-photoperiod version of an indica-dominant body slammer. Ripe buds are ready for picking only nine weeks after germination, letting you keep an always-fresh stash of mighty cannabis relaxants.

The original cultivar is a Critical Mass x Big Bud cross, palpably powerful and high-yielding. It took the 420 scene by storm and quickly became the go-to among indica enthusiasts, hefty harvest-chasers, and everybody who needs some TLC.

Now you can get it in a no-nonsense, fast-flowering variant with Critical Purple autoflower seeds. The addition of ruderalis genetics ensures equal quality in half the time.

This auto strain is a THC powerhouse and showstopper. Cultivation is a breezy journey that delivers abundance in more than one sense.

The compact plants are teeming with bud sites, and the flowers themselves ooze resin that promises potency. The foliage gets a violet tint as the plants reach maturity, delighting you even before a whiff of a puff.

Smells of cannabis from autoflower Critical Purple seeds knock you off your feet.

This classic delivers those recognizable earth-and-pine marijuana scents topped with zesty lemon to enchant the taste buds. Its surprisingly sweet flavor sets the stage for an equally pleasurable full-body massage.

A toke or two of Critical Purple autoflower seed-grown pot is enough to send you straight off to leisure land. The quintessential indica qualities made this one a fan favorite in medical and recreational 420 communities.

Read about the flavor and effect profiles below, and you’re sure to hop on the bandwagon.

Critical Purple autoflower: Effects

Auto strains have little time to develop compared to their photoperiod counterparts. As a result, their cannabinoid production isn’t as intense, producing weed that doesn’t knock your socks off.

That’s the general trend, but Critical Purple autoflower seeds would have you believe otherwise.

These flowers contain a whopping 20–25% THC. Supremely sticky and rich in terpenes, they deliver a multi-layered physical and psychological experience unabated by any THC-inhibiting CBD contents.

What happens upon lighting up an autoflower Critical Purple seed-grown blunt?

This hard-hitter is also a creeper, taking several minutes to show its full force. The first inhale brings a gentle pressure behind the eyelids. A tingling sensation spreads down to your neck, melting the last bits of tension along the way.

The scope of mental effects stops there. Critical Purple autoflower seeds are indica-dominant, after all. Don’t expect much in the way of cerebral action or trippiness, only a peace of mind that leaves you content and grinning.

At the same time, a sense of profound warmth washes over your body and relaxes your every muscle, joint, and tendon. You keep sinking deeper into your seat with each subsequent puff, giving yourself away to the inevitable couch lock.

The physical buzz driven by Critical Purple autoflower seed-grown weed lasts for several hours, and it invariably includes the munchies. Get ready to treat your belly to a concoction of flavors driven by your newfound appreciation of everything.

You’re off to Neverland as the intoxication leaves your system. For this reason, it’s best to light up in the evening, put on your favorite show or chill out with a loved one, and prepare for a night of deeply restorative sleep.

Critical Purple autoflower: Flavors

Do you remember the terpene cocktail we mentioned? This trait of marijuana from autoflower Critical Purple seeds also makes it a deeply aromatic affair.

Without getting into too many details, terpenes are the aromatic oils of marijuana, responsible for its unique range of perfumes. This cultivar is rich in several chemical beauties, adding complexity to the bouquet.

Critical Purple autoflower seed-grown cannabis emanates unique fragrances throughout each stage of its maturation-to-inhalation period.

A ripening garden smells like a lemon orchard with a sprinkling of summer flowers. It’s vegetal and zesty, refreshing the nostrils and making you crave a nature outing. The smell is distinguishable but not heavy enough to require a carbon filter.

The floral sweetness deepens into something muskier upon curing. There’s also a distinct scent of freshly-cut wood and notes of ripe oranges in the perfume.

Combustion treats the nostrils to smells of a cold forest in late fall. Your senses come alive with wet earth and pine needles on the inhale. The powerful smoke features further lemon-lime notes to invigorate the senses.

The fragrance translates into the flavor. Lemon tickles your taste buds, the exhale smells of earth-and-pine, and a saccharine aftertaste clings to the tongue. This medley of sweetness and strength makes Critical Purple autoflower seeds a favorite among connoisseurs.

How to germinate Critical Purple autoflower seeds?

Now that you know what joy awaits with this strain, you’re surely eager to cultivate it in your garden. The first step of this process is germination.

Germinating your Critical Purple autoflower seeds ensures that as many of them as possible develop into fruitful marijuana plants. This process uses heat and moisture to trigger the hormones beneath the shell, preventing money waste on unproductive seeds.

How do you germinate?

All you need to do is keep your autoflowering Critical Purple seeds in a humid, warm environment.

Online growers swear by various methods of seed sprouting. Here are two options with a good simplicity-efficiency rate.

The paper towel method

This technique is a favorite among at-home growers because it requires no extra equipment. All it takes is some patience, water, a plate, and two paper towels.

Here’s how to sprout Critical Purple autoflower seeds with this method:

  1. Lay a moist paper towel on a clean plate.
  2. Drop your seeds on the paper, leaving an inch of space between each.
  3. Cover with another piece of paper. Check for still water before leaving it somewhere dark and warm, like a kitchen cupboard.
  4. Check the seeds once a day and remove all that popped. These autoflower Critical Purple seeds should have little white roots protruding from their shells.
  5. Repeat for five days. Plant all seeds that sprouted in shallow, moist soil.

Rockwool cubes

Would you like to get fancy with hydroponic growing setups? Rockwool cubes beat paper towels for germinating Critical Purple autoflower seeds. These specialized instruments offer an error-free sprouting method that guarantees an optimal environment for your baby weed.

Here are the necessary steps:

  1. Soak the cubes in reverse osmosis water and shake them from excess moisture before use.
  2. Place an autoflower Critical Purple seed into the hole and push it to the bottom. Repeat for each you want to sprout.
  3. Squeeze the hole shut and drop the cube onto a tray.
  4. Cover with a dome to retain moisture and place it under a gentle lamp.
  5. Moisten daily until you see the first hints of greenery emerging from the cube.

Critical Purple autoflower seeds: Grow information

Sprouting your Critical Purple autoflower seeds sends you on a nine-week-long growing journey. It’s now your job to care for the budding crops and ensure they get big, strong, and prolific.

The auto genome of this variant makes your cultivation task easier in some ways, but it poses unique challenges for your green thumb.

On the one hand, you get a feminized, non-photoperiod growing patch. There’s no worry about the light schedule or pollen-producing males.

On the other hand, crops from autoflower Critical Purple seeds develop fast. They don’t leave time for fixing trimming stress, deficiencies, and other rookie errors. One big mistake could cost you the entire harvest, which is why experienced cultivators fare better with this variety.

Follow these basic tips to set up the optimal cultivation environment for your Critical Purple autoflower seeds:

  • Start your seeds in their final containers
  • Use rich, well-aerated soil
  • Keep the crops in a continual 18/6 light schedule
  • Maintain a 71°F–77°F temperature range
  • Drop humidity below 50% after three weeks
  • Ensure good air circulation through the grow space

As a rule of thumb, dedicate your effort to the basics instead of trying expert techniques with your autoflower Critical Purple seeds. The crops will appreciate stable conditions, responding with vigorous development.

Expect over 14 ounces of bud per square meter of your grow room after nine weeks. The plants should be sticky, fragrant, and with a massive central cola by that time. If you drop temperatures in late flowering, you’ll also see a purple tint on the buds.

The situation is even more straightforward in the great outdoors. Sow Critical Purple autoflower seeds in quality soil, pick a sunny spot, and protect your plants from the elements. Water and feed regularly, and you’re good to go.

You’ll see more foliage and fewer bud sites across the four-foot-tall outdoor structure. Harvests are smaller but easy to achieve, with each crop yielding around seven ounces of sweet colas.

Critical Purple autoflower seeds: Genetics

Critical Purple autoflower seeds are a Big Bud, Critical Mass, and ruderalis blend.

The first two indica superstars grant the strain potency, sweet flavors, and high-yielding nature. Smart breeders then added ruderalis to the equation, making it compact, fast-flowering, resistant, and independent of the light schedule.

Autoflower Critical Purple seeds retain the traits of the first two parents, grabbing some nifty growth patterns from ruderalis.

Let’s meet the two indica parents:

  • Big Bud is a cultivar whose name says it all. Bred to produce heavy yields of massive, chunky flowers, it delivers a spicy and deeply relaxing smoke that’s just oh-so-indica.
  • Critical Mass is another extreme-yielder with earthy-sweet smoke and tranquilizing effects. Its bud mass is so immense that it threatens to snap the robust branches.

Critical Purple autoflower seeds carry the best aspects of their heritage. The fruits of this auto variant remain abundant, even with its super-swift life cycle. The indica qualities are extremely pleasurable, delivering no-frills relaxation for the entire system.

Where to buy Critical Purple autoflower seeds?

Does a Critical Purple autoflower seed-grown garden sound like something you’d enjoy? If you’re unsure, learn more about the strain here. Otherwise, let’s discuss your shopping options.

US-based growers have two main seed purchase options—physical dispensaries and online seed banks. The former works better if you’re after medicinal strains, though. THC-chasers are much better off shopping online.

Considering how young and unregulated the online cannabis market is, this option can get tricky. Still, it’s your best bet for finding autoflower Critical Purple seeds and receiving them after a reasonable waiting period.

For that reason, you’re best-off purchasing with industry giants such as Homegrown Cannabis Co. Established sellers like this one spent years building up their reputation. For now, they’re much more secure and reliable than their small-scale counterparts.

Autoflower seeds for big yields

Critical Purple autoflower seeds are the way to go if you refuse to compromise between harvest speed and size. Cultivate indoors and achieve photoperiod-tier yields in no time.

Keep these beautiful indica buds at hand for those days when you need a break. Let the sweet smoke transport you into a happier, calmer state of mind.

Check out the site we mentioned, get growing, and revel in the results less than three months down the line.

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