Different kinds of oil that you should try in 2022

Olive oil is so 2021. It’s been overused, time to start trying something new!

1. Advocado oil

This oil is organically made and is healthy. Everyone is familiar with the green vegetable with the round pit in the middle. There are even ways to create your own advocado oil with the right tools. We recommend this oil for cooking, as it’s healthier than sunflower oil and seed oil, but not for applying on the body. There is nothing wrong with applying organic oil made out of advocado’s, the smell is just not that amazing. For your body, there are other oils that smell way better.

2. CBD Hemp oil

One of the oils to apply to you body that smell very good and is pleasant to use is CBD oil, made out of Hemp. Hemp is also known as sativa, and yes, this is the weed plant. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about weed oil here. CBD is a substract that is found in the plant and is also present in weed itself. The difference however though, is that in CBD cosmetical products and food supplements, the THC is removed. THC is the factor and the substance of the sativa plant that has consciousness expanding properties. So to be clear: This substance is NOT in any way present in Hemp oil. So what is present in Hemp oil? It is the remaining substract: Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is shortened as CBD. CBD is known to have many major health benefits when it comes to consuming it, either in food supplements or in cosmetics.

Hemp oil contains CBD and that is why we love it! CBD is known to reduce anxiety, lifts up one’s mood and to fight irritations like stomach ache. Next to the amazing smell, we know that you will sleep as thight as a rose when applying CBD Hemp oil before going to bed.

3. Peppermint Eucalyptus oil

This oil is really healthy aswell. Coming from the eucalyptus leaf, also known as peppermint by societal use, this oil helps to fight head aches and influenza. It makes it a nice and fine oil to use if you are not feeling very well. Besides, it has been rumoured that this oil helps to improve the health of your skin. So if you are battling acne, this might be a good fit for you aswell.

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