FDA advises how to register cosmetics Containing cannabis, hemp

“Cannabis” is a valuable medicinal plant. In addition to having medical benefits, Hemp is also an alternative medicinal plant in the global cosmetic industry. cbd öl containing cannabis (Cannabis Beauty) are becoming very popular nowadays. Both skincare products (skincare) hair care products. Perfume and makeup products (Makeup), etc.

“CBD” or Cannabidiol is a part of cannabis used as a raw material in the beauty industry. Because this substance has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps fight free radicals, restores and protects the skin from pollution and sunlight. It helps increase collagen, restore the skin to be smooth, stimulate cell renewal, create new skin, reduce redness, dark spots look faded, and add moisture to the skin. This makes cosmetics containing cannabis (Cannabis Beauty) a best seller worldwide tunai4d.

Cosmetic product manufacturers in Thailand are seeing the market opportunity of this product group as well. Each manufacturer intends to develop products for sale in the future. However, the production of products does not take much time. Many people wonder, Will the process of filing a cannabis cosmetic application with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) be as complicated as a drug registration? Answers can be found as follows (paraphrased from a mini-seminar at the 360° hemp expo, Buriram Province, 6 March 2021).

“Cosmetics” products, according to the Cosmetics Act of the FDA, are objects used for applying, rubbing, massaging, sprinkling, spraying, dropping, putting, baking, etc., on the outside of the human body. Including use on teeth and oral mucosa. with a purpose to clean, add beauty or deodorant, or protect various parts of the body from being in good condition, including various skincare products but does not include accessories and decorations, which are external devices

If the operator, I don’t know if the products produced are classified as cosmetics or not. So let’s look at the definition here. If not directly with humans but used with pets, It will not be defined as cosmetics because the FDA takes care of cosmetics used on humans and used on the external skin area. The tool cannot be injected into the body.

If it is pushed under the skin cells, it will immediately exceed the definition of cosmetics. In the case of infused water, such as collagen water, it is not in cosmetics. But it is classified as food or drug. Cosmetic products can penetrate as deep as possible, just for use in the mouth and teeth, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant spray. It can be classified as cosmetics, But herbal spray suppresses sore throat. Injected into the throat It’s not a cosmetic group.

In the case of using cbd öl that is allowed to be added to toothpaste classified as cosmetics If there is an enema into the body Not counted as cosmetics as well. Because the primary purpose of cosmetics is for cleanliness and beauty, if the objective is to treat a disease or show health promotion, properties do not count as cosmetics even for external use.

Currently, the FDA has a direct supervision agency called the Division of Herbal Products or cosmeceutical, responsible for external products. Hopefully, it will change your health, but not as a medicine. Cosmetic products for cleanliness and beauty Entrepreneurs can apply for permission directly at the Herbal Products Division. If stated that it is a cosmetic that helps treat psoriasis Shows that manufacturers are not sincere with consumers. Because the notice is a cosmetic can not boast of the properties that can change the body because used cosmetics only makes the appearance look better than before.

Terpene will give a specific smell like essential cbd öl extracted in cannabis, Hemp, used for cosmetics, perfumes that focus on the aromatic aroma that helps the body relax. Protect the body parts to be in good condition, such as sun protection products. In Thailand, sun protection products are in the cosmetic category. But Japan categorizes them as pharmaceutical products.

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