Five Tips to Protect Your Claim in a Personal Injury Claim 

When you get into a personal injury accident, you can file a legal claim to get monetary compensation for your injuries and damages. Many people assume that getting financial compensation through a personal injury claim is easy. However, in reality, the insurance company is very smart, works in the company’s favor, and goes beyond their ways to lower your settlement amount. 

If you go with a personal injury attorney Atlanta, they can help you in getting maximum compensation and ensure your rights are protected. As soon as you apply for a claim, an insurance adjuster will be appointed to your case. The insurance adjuster will try to find loopholes in your claim. Therefore, below are a few tips that will help you protect your personal injury claim. 

  • You are allowed to refuse to give a recorded statement. 

Most insurance companies try to catch you off-guard, especially before you get a chance to speak to a legal representative. They will demand the victim to provide a recorded statement to the insurance company. Out of fear, you may end up giving a statement. However, you must know that you can refuse to give a recorded statement. Instead, you can say that you want to give a written statement instead. 

  • Be aware of how you use social media. 

Many people are unaware that the insurance company is monitoring them once they file a claim. What you post on social media will be used against you to lower or deny your compensation. Therefore, you should avoid posting anything about your claim or injuries online. 

  • Follow your doctor’s advice strictly. 

After you return home, you should follow your doctor’s advice strictly. If you refuse to follow your doctor’s advice, the insurance company will use it against you to say that you are exaggerating your injuries, which are not severe. Therefore, make sure you stick to their advice. 

  • Always speak to an attorney before speaking to the insurance company. 

You may say things that can hurt your claim or any action that will be used against you. So, before you decide to speak to the insurance adjuster or anyone from the company, you should take advice from your attorney. They can help you understand what you should do, negotiate with the insurance company, and ensure you get maximum compensation to compensate for your injuries, damages, and other losses. 

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