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Industrial Hemp versus Medical Cannabis–Derived CBD

The key difference between hemp plants and cannabis plants is resin content. Industrial hemp varieties are typically a low-resin agricultural crop, grown from pedigree seed, with about one hundred tall, skinny plants per square meter.Check the site Filmy god

They are machine harvested and manufactured into a multitude of products, including rope, cloth, and plastics. It is believed that the word “canvas, ” the cloth used for the sails of ships, is a variation of the word “cannabis.” Modern medicinal or recreational cannabis plants are a high-resin horticultural crop, typically grown from asexually reproduced female clones, one or two plants per square meter, and hand harvested, dried, trimmed, and cured. Whether extracted from hemp or cannabis,

CBD is the same molecule. Industrial hemp usually contains about 3.5 percent CBD plus a very small amount of THC—less than 0.1 percent. To extract CBD, a large amount of hemp is required to make a small amount of CBD-rich product. The challenge, therefore, becomes the extraction method for production.

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The cheapest way to extract the CBD is to use solvents, such as butane and hexane. However, with this method, toxic residues can remain in the oil. Tests in 2014 conducted by Project CBD found significant levels of dangerous solvent residues such as hexane (a neurotoxin according to the Environmental Protection Agency) in random samples of CBD products derived from industrial hemp.Read more about Tamilmv

Also, the hemp plant itself is a bioaccumulator, meaning that it tends to absorb toxins from the soil. It does this so effectively that it was used in the post-Chernobyl nuclear disaster cleanup. Thus, if the hemp is to be consumed by human beings, the soil must be monitored closely, and organic approaches are highly recommended.

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Many CBD products are made from industrial hemp grown in China, and some of them can contain significant levels of heavy metals and pesticides. Toxic chemicals tend to accumulate and increase potency when extraction and concentration are performed. You can visit this site pagalmovies to get more information about how to download the latest movie for free.

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