Make a paper-cut light box

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E27 screw or BC22 bayonet bulbs may be used with this plastic light holder. In order to secure your lamp holder to the wall, you will need two screws that are 1cm long. A small fluorescent or LED light bulb that is compatible with the lamp holder is recommended. Normal 3-core electrical cable with an earth wire – enquire at the DIY shop to see whether it’s compatible for the light holder you’ve picked out. If your box is 30cm by 50cm, you’ll need seven 50cm-long pieces of 6mmx6mm square section wood, and 16 13mm panel pins for the standard plugs. A piece of plywood that is half the length of the box x the width of the box for a lamp protection.

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To cover the box’s open front, three sheets of heavy-weight watercolour paper are needed, plus an additional 1cm border. Paper with a grid on it (same size as watercolour paper). Use either Sellotape or masking tape. We at LightboxGoodman provide you all the best template designs.

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Using pliers, remove any extraneous hardware from the box. Then wipe down the surface with a moist cloth and sand it down to remove any remaining stickers. Draw a pencil line from the midpoint of the shorter side of the box to the rear of the box. The 8mm drill bit may be used to drill a hole one-quarter of the way along this line from the rear of the box. Before continuing, make sure the cable fits through this hole. To ensure that the lamp holder base is in the centre, place it over the hole. Mark the locations of the screws with a pencil. Drill holes for the screws about three-quarters of the way into the board using a 2mm or 3mm drill bit. A screwdriver and fixing screws are all that are needed to secure the light holder in place in the box. The long side of the box may be filled with seven lengths of square-section wood, which can be cut to fit. After cutting the lengths with a saw (or craft knife if you don’t have one), smooth up the ends with sandpaper. In order to make two sections, divide the first in half. Glue a piece of square-section to one of the box’s inside corners. Three 6mm broad areas approximately 1cm apart, one near the box’s edge, are marked in the upper half of the depth at the midpoint. Use this as a guide to mark out the six long square-section lengths at the ends of the two longer sides of the box. Panel pins at each end should be hammered in gently to prevent the wood from splitting while aligning the lengthy square sections with the pencil lines. Hammer the two half-lengths into place approximately 6mm below the previous runner, on the side of the light holder, until they are firmly in position. Read more about:  la senorita

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