Minecraft Food Achievements

Minecraft has been one of the most popular games in the last decade, with more and more players joining by the day, with a total of 126 million players today.

The game’s audience ranges from the young to the old, and most of those who try the game fall in love with it.

In this article, we will share with you the food-related achievements you can get on Minecraft.

Cooking Food in Minecraft

Before we begin with the achievements list and how to get them, let’s mention the cooking process, as you’ll probably need to be familiar with it before you continue with this article.

Cooking food involves either creating food from pre-existing ingredients using the crafting menu or smelting food using either a Furnace or a Smoker. Smokers were added in update 1.9 and are an upgrade to Furnaces, as they take half the time to cook your food.

If you don’t know how to create a Smoker, check out this Smoker Minecraft guide, as using a Smoker will help you get these achievements faster.

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Minecraft Food Achievements

The food achievements in Minecraft are subdivided into bronze and silver food achievements. Let’s go through each of them in more detail: v

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Bronze Achievements

The bronze achievements are easier to get than the silver achievements, and they include:

  1. Bake Bread

Backing bread achievement will trigger once you pick up bread from a crafting table’s output slot (i.e., you can’t get the achievement from buying bread or taking it from a friend).

The achievement is fairly easy and will provide you with 15G (Gamerscore points).

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  1. The Lie

Made as a reference to the Portal series famous quote, the Cake is a Lie, it requires you to bake a cake and pick it up from the crafting table’s output slot.

This achievement provides you with 30G (Gamerscore points).


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  1. Pork Chop

To get the Pork Chop achievement, you simply need to cook and eat a PorkChop.

This achievement is fairly easy and will reward you with 10G (Gamerscore points).

  1. Iron Belly

To get this achievement, you need to eat a piece of Rotten Flesh while having zero hunger points. Rotten flesh is dropped from Zombies and Zombie Pigmen, which are more common in the nighttime.

This achievement will earn you 20G.

  1. Rabbit Season

Rabbit Season requires you to cook and eat a rabbit, but watch out rabbits can jump over fences when running away from you as you hit them.

This achievement will earn you 15G.

  1. Castaway

To get the Castaway achievement, you need to eat Dried Kelps only for three consecutive game days; you aren’t allowed to eat anything else in this 3-day period.

This achievement provides you with 20G.

  1. Time for Stew

To get the Time for Stew achievement, you need to give anyone around you a Suspicious Stew, which is made by crafting two types of mushroom and a flower in the top line grid, and a bowl in the middle center gird.

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Silver Achievements

There are only two silver tier achievements in Minecraft at the moment, which are:

  1. Delicious Fish

This achievement includes catching a Cod then cooking it using a Furnace, a Smoker, a Campfire, or a Soul Campfire.

This achievement provides you with 15G.

  1. Overpowered

To get the Overpowered achievement, you need to eat an Enchanted Apple. To make an Enchanted Apple, all you have to do is place an Apple in the middle central grid and surround it with eight gold ingots in the crafting menu.

This achievement will give you 30G.

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