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If you do this then you will never have a problem other than someone accidentally walking into your grow area. NEVER EVER TELL ANYONE ANYTHING, EVER. If you can do this then you will have more security than a castle equipped with guard-dogs henchmen and the works. Loose lips cause 99.9% of all security related issues being breached. 00.1% is caused because you did not take the time out to conceal your area well enough. Loose lips sink ships.

If you plan to share your crop with your friends then do it by another means, like – ‘Hey guys look what I just bought’. The only people who should know that you grow are the people who live with you. If your husband/wife has loose lips, then maybe you should consider guerrilla growing outdoors (explained later.) Other than that, these are the most important factors you need to consider. Never grow at home if other people are not going to know about it.

This is bad and always causes problems in the end. So what does that say? Growing on your own is the best way. Growing with other people is a problem unless you know they are okay with it. You will have to figure some of these things out for yourself. 78

The next factor is bugs and pests. Always, always have a bottle of pesticide that kills SPIDER MITES. Spider Mites can reduce your plants to garbage within a couple of days. NEVER EVER BRING A PLANT INSIDE THAT HAS BEEN OUTSIDE. People who have done this have managed to kill nearly every plant in their house because they brought a plant indoors that had spider mites.

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Marijuana plants are very vulnerable to mite attacks because the spider mites love to suck marijuana plants dry. They are tiny, about half the size of this dot —>> . I can not stress how important this is. We will talk more about pests later. The next thing we will talk about is what we expect our seeds to do before they become full flowering plants.

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