Open-Source Rapid Application Development Platform

Open-source rapid application development platform provides the most convenient and effective solution for software development companies, project managers and developers. It helps in the collaboration of a large number of users across the globe. This makes it possible to come up with new ideas and technologies as soon as they are conceived. The cost involved in developing new software is very high. Hence, a high proportion of the overall cost of the project is spent on development costs.

The ideal open source low code application development platform is the one that will enable programmers and developers to collaborate across the world. The programmers will be able to make the best use of their knowledge and experience. The project managers will be able to get the best ideas and technologies out of the pool of ideas that will cross borders and boundaries.


The right open-source Joomla web application framework will be the first step towards winning over the competition. Nowadays, almost all Joomla developers can be found on the internet. These programmers have the best knowledge and expertise about web applications and they possess excellent communication skills. Thus, it is really easy to find programmers who will do these web applications according to the specifications and design plans provided by the clients. These programmers can be accessed online and if there is an issue or a problem, it will be easily resolved.

The open-source Joomla web application framework is widely used and trusted because of its numerous benefits and features. The team at Joomla has proved that it is the best alternative for all programmers. However, there are other equally viable options available and they include the usage of Apache, PHP, Perl, enterprise application modernization and Python. All these options are comparatively cheaper compared to Joomla. Therefore, the users must choose Joomla whenever they are developing web applications.


Joomla is extensively used in various industries and companies around the globe are using it for their web application development projects. There are several other companies too, who are also making use of Joomla to develop their web application projects. In the industry of web application and website development, Joomla is the best alternative due to its rich and robust applications, which are both reliable and effective. Some of the major companies who are making use of Joomla are Hewlett Packard, Cisco, IBM and Citrix. The developers at Joomla are making use of several advanced techniques and technologies like the Open Source Content Management System, the Open Source Virtual Environment, the Open Source GUI toolkit, and the XML security toolkit.

Another great feature of Joomla is its open source community. This community is so huge that numerous extensions have been developed and many more are in the process of being developed. Most of these extensions are developed in the form of plugins and so, the users need to install them and then use them for their web application projects. Some of the famous extensions developed by Joomla are the Azura Web Accelerator, the Ctrack SSI Content Service, the Nvu Wrapper, and the Joomla Express Advanced authorization module.

The Joomla platform is an open-source software that has a number of innovative features that make it very popular among users and developers. The first feature is its user-friendly administration panel. The administrative functions of the software are very simple and easy to handle. Apart from that, it is one of the easiest to use software that enables you to develop efficient web applications and Mendix vs outsystems vs wavemaker vs powerapps alternatives. Another advantage of this open-source platform is that it can easily be customized and adapted to meet the requirements of different business models.


Joomla is an open-source platform that provides great flexibility to the users and developers who wish to create applications on the go. In addition to that, the system works well with all type of browsers like Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. So, no wonder that Joomla is gaining popularity day by day as an open-source application development solution.

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