Play Baccarat Online Is it like going to a real casino?

Known as a game through the screen of a mobile phone or a game through a computer, but everything is the same. In this section, you would like to explain further whether this website is provided by Live (Live) through real casinos, whether it is a betting table with a directly selected dealer. It is not programming like before. The dealers are real. Rotate the cards and deal with them for real.

How to read the card, there will be different types. But there are about six types that should be known.

  • Dragon: This card has been won by both sides more than five times in a row and probably up to 20 times. But did you know that many people have lost their horses because of the dragon card? Some people are so desperate that they have to leave the game because it is not easy to get a dragon in every round. Some card games only come in 3 consecutive matches; some come in 4 successive rounds but do not reach the stars. Therefore, you have found บาคาร่าออนไลน์ players who’s both sides are ready to follow the Dragon. And that side is prepared to stick in the garden; the backside is often hit because the Dragon is always long. The owner will have to withdraw the money if the capital runs out before the winning team changes. It’s like getting tired.
  • Ping-Pong: This style is similar to Dragon, but the cards constantly change between player and banker sides and can go up to 20 times. Because some players also like to stab in the garden.
  • Two reds: This deck looks like ping pong. But they are paired with each other periodically like Player Banker. However, this does not happen very often. And usually not issued for a long time, usually not more than 6, but if caught, it is enough to make some profit.
  • Three red numbers: you already have a pair. It can also be expressed as a triple. But it can be a little more complex than two red games. If you find it, stabbing is not tricky. When one of the three colors comes out, they can hit the exact opposite color if you start to see each other. And don’t forget that if more than five characters are released, there is a high chance of becoming a dragon.
  • Three red cuts: This look is a bit like a triple. But it differs in one color, such as red, cannot be issued more than three times in a row, the other color is more minor or as long as it can be, for example, red 3, blue 5, red 3, blue 2, alternately like this. If this is found, the features that can be played are that if red (or blue) is issued three times, immediately bet on the opposite color. And wait for the game to return to the original color when the third color stabs the garden.
  • It doesn’t stick to red: It has three cuts that look like a ping pong mix. It is also called “floating red.” Features red or blue. It cannot be issued more than one time, when the opposite color can be printed as many times as possible, such as red one blue two red one blue four red one blue two and so on. Give birth to the second child accordingly. Read more about:  nenmoav7

You already know how to read the cards. The next step is the Money walking สูตรบาคาร่า. More important than this question is whether it plays and makes real money. Because if you don’t know how to manage money or don’t know the proper deposit, no matter how thick the capital is, it can get tired from the first hour of play. The most suitable money is the walking formula for beginners. This is the same specific betting formula for each game.

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