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Before starting collection, coat your hands with a little cooking oil, then pat it off with a towel. The thin oil layer makes the palms a little sticky, helping to attract the first glands. It also makes removing the resin from the hands easier. First, choose the right time of day. Early morning is not a good time if the plants are moist with dew.

Wait until the day warms a bit and the plants have been under the sun long enough to be totally water-free. Rub the plants very lightly, starting at the top of the plant and working down rubbing the topside of the leaves. Remember that the glands’ heads are tiny globes supported by stalks sticking up from buds and the upper side of the leaves.

Think of brushing the fine hairs of a person’s arm while only barely touching the skin. Use the same technique for resin rubbing. As soon as you start rubbing, your hands will begin to collect the sticky, tarlike resin, and the air will be filled with the plant’s heady aroma.

High-quality resin creates a clear sticky gloss on the palms, darkening to amber as the resin builds up. Only resin should be collecting on the hands. This is a clear indicator that you have chosen the right time to collect. Lots of pieces of plant material on the hands indicate that the plant contains dead leaves. If it isn’t inconvenient, removing them before rubbing will improve the quality of the rub.

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If you are collecting green material you are probably rubbing too vigorously. It is nearly impossible to avoid attracting some errant leaf bits and particles onto your sticky hands. It is tedious to remove even larger plant debris, so try to avoid collecting it with the resin Visit Here: magazines2

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