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Siteimprove is a multinational Software-as-a-Service company, creating cloud-based website governance and optimization tools. The company’s products include a web analytics platform, a content management system, and an auditing solution. All of these solutions can be used in-house or by a third-party. Despite the cloud-based nature of the products, many companies find them to be very affordable and easy to use.

A free web accessibility checker is available on the Siteimprove platform. This Chrome extension can analyze any web page to determine whether it’s accessible to users with disabilities. It can also be used to determine if your website is password-protected, non-public, or contains dynamic content. It is available for a variety of browsers. The tool also includes an interactive guide for making your website more accessible. A few simple steps are all it takes to get started.

Another great feature of Siteimprove is its accessibility module. This tool can help optimize content for search engines. There are more than 70 checkpoints in this module, which are categorized by category and difficulty level. The issues can be filtered by number of occurrences, severity, or category. Alternatively, you can use the Policy module to see whether your organization adheres to web standards. Once you’ve completed the policy module, the Siteimprove crawler will begin to look for any content with a violation of web standards.

The Siteimprove Accessibility Checker is a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to evaluate any web page for accessibility problems. The analysis is done in the Chrome browser, meaning it can be used to review non-public and password-protected web pages. It can also check for dynamic content and multi-step forms. A free trial is available. It can be downloaded for your computer. This tool is ideal for testing websites and finding accessibility problems.

The Siteimprove spider will automatically check for issues in any page. However, there are some cases where the software can’t detect certain problems. For example, a website’s content may have errors in the text, which can cause it to fail. If the problem is not detected by the spider, the user will be required to manually check the page. You can also manually check the content on an individual page. If your page contains many errors, you can click on the “Publish” button.

Using the Siteimprove app is easy to set up. Once you’ve installed it, go to Manage Site > Settings. Here, you can enable the Siteimprove integration. You can also check your website’s content using the Siteimprove SEO module. This module includes more than 70 checkpoints for your content. The issues can be filtered by category, difficulty, and frequency of occurrence. Moreover, the Policy module is a useful tool for checking your organization’s web standards.

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