If you are looking for an aircon services company in Singapore that provides services for your residential or commercial properties, then look no further than the team of experts at SoCool.

As one of the leading companies offering up-to-date solutions for all your cooling needs, SoCool prides itself on its ability to provide customized aircon servicing packages designed to satisfy every customer’s requirements by using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery.

From 24 hour emergency repairs to regular maintenance contracts which include comprehensive inspections of your aircon system by skilled technicians, SoCool can handle it all. The company has been voted the best choice among home owners who need an expert touch when handling their air conditioning systems.

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Here are some reasons why you should choose SoCool as your aircon servicing company:

  • SoCool’s engineering and installation team is made up of highly experienced and certified individuals.
  • If you need an air conditioning system for your house or office building, SoCool offers a wide range of choices to best match your needs such as split type/window type indoor units and inverter technology outdoor units with high SEER ratings. You can also choose from different sound ratings depending on how much noise you want to filter out from the system without compromising cooling more : kingnews33
  • For 24 hour emergency repairs around Singapore, SoCool’s dedicated team is always available to solve your problems quickly. The company also provides regular maintenance contracts which include comprehensive inspections of your aircon system by skilled technicians.
  • SoCool wants you to enjoy maximum comfort and savings on monthly energy costs. That is why they offer high SEER inverter technology units for energy efficient cooling. SoCool uses the latest in inverter compressor technology, which allows them to adjust power demand according to actual load conditions, resulting in reduced input energy without sacrificing cooling performance or depleting the refrigerant charge during normal operation like other non-inverter models do.

It goes without saying that SoCool aircon services offers a wide range of air conditioning services in Singapore but perhaps the most important advantage in hiring an aircon servicing company is the peace of mind you get knowing that your air conditioning unit is in good working condition. It’s all part of SoCool’s commitment to keep customers satisfied.

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SoCool also provides aircon installation services, including ducting work for new residential and commercial buildings.

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So, if it’s been a while since you last had yours serviced, call in these professionals now to help give you some much-needed relief from the oppressive temperatures. It could end up saving your life because prolonged exposure can be dangerous especially if it makes anyone in your household sick – children and the elderly are extremely vulnerable towards the dangers that come with this kind of weather.

That’ll also ensure that all parts of your home or office receive equal amounts of cool air while you’re at work or sleeping, so make sure that your systems are kept in top condition throughout the entire year without exception. There’s no such thing as a job getting too small or a repair being too expensive because their rates are all very affordable.

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So, contact them today and they’ll be more than happy to schedule an appointment for an aircon services by SoCool in Singapore at your earliest convenience. It’s not something you can afford to put off, so make sure that the necessary actions are taken as soon as possible before it gives out on you someday without prior warning of any kind.

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