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Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano intimidates and impresses everyone who first meets it. From the heft of the unit to the myriad accessories and components, it’s like unpacking alien technology. Thankfully, it’s very easy to master. Loading is easy enough. Use a grinder to finely grind up some herb, and load a thin (1 /16″ to ½″), even layer of flowers into the bottom of the chamber.

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Next affix the valve and bag and switch the air pump on to fill it up. You can see the puffs of vapor dance as the bag quickly fills up. The vapor can sit in the bag for hours afterward, but is best consumed fresh. The trickiest part of the Volcano is the bags, which need to be changed after about 125 sessions. Learning to affix them to the “Solid Valve” takes a few minutes.

The manufacturer now sells an “Easy Valve” version with disposable valve-and-bag setup, so when your bag gets dirty, you just toss the whole thing and click on another one. Volcano’s Solid Valve disassembles easily for washing in hot, soapy water, and then in alcohol. Just don’t lose track of any of the tiny valve nuts or screens, and follow the manual to reassemble.


The heating chamber gets hot, so use care when emptying spent herb and reloading the chamber. Never touch your fingers to the metal parts. Newer Volcanos come with a liquid pad for use with oils. Similar to a Brillo Pad, the liquid pad provides a nonfuming, metal matrix for the wax to run through and vaporize off of. Instead of placing flowers in the heating chamber you stick the liquid pad in, then some wax, and then the chamber’s screen. Note: Do not overload the pad with oil, or vaporize oil in the Volcano without the pad. Both will lead to a messy, gooey cleanup and potential malfunction
Read More: World Latest News Website and also check tech social blog site

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