The challenges of proving fault in car accidents in Nevada

Being a fault state, Nevada’s laws require the driver who is responsible for the crash to pay compensation to the victims. So proving fault is crucial in fighting accident cases.

However, proving fault is not straight and easy at all times. When the drivers are not ready to admit his/her fault, it is for the plaintiff to prove the fault in a lawsuit. 

An expert agency like Naqvi Accident Injury Law firm in Nevada is renowned for its injury attorneys in such cases.

This article takes you through the nuances around proving “fault” in accident cases.

Let us begin!

Understanding “fault”

Determining “fault” is nothing but establishing who was responsible for the crash. If you are at fault, then you can not claim with a liability insurance carrier. The insurance firms pay out benefits only to those who are not responsible for collisions.

When a driver admits their fault for striking another vehicle, it is easy to claim compensation. However, this is often not the case and fault has to be proven with pieces of evidence collected.

Location of damage on the car as an evidence

The exact location of the damage on the car can yield important clues in establishing fault.

Some common examples are:

  • In a head-on collision, both vehicles damage their front fenders.
  • In a rear-end collision, your back bumper and the other vehicle’s front bumper are damaged.
  • In a side-swipe, the two vehicles scrap each other on the sides and show marks of damage.

However, the location of damage alone might not be sufficient to establish fault. There are other shreds of evidence that help establish fault.

 Some other pieces of vital evidence

  • Witness testimony
  • On-site evidence: debris, skid marks
  • Medical records to prove the point of impact
  • Surveillance video footage
  • Cell phone records

How can an injury attorney aid your case?

An injury attorney in Nevada is well-versed with the state laws and can provide you with sound legal advice in fighting your case.

The legal firm can help in:

  1. Investigation of the scene of the collision
  2. Collection of evidence
  3. Reconstruction of accident
  4. Help in drafting witness statements
  5. Dealing with insurance companies
  6. Negotiating a fair compensation

Thus, having a reputed injury attorney can increase your chances of establishing fault and realizing fair compensation for your losses.

Concluding thoughts

Establishing fault in Nevada accident cases is half the battle won. While an injury attorney helps you deal with legal and financial matters, you can recover from your injury peacefully.

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