The Fast Growing CBD Industry In Japan

Cannabis, also known as hemp, is gaining ground in the Japanese market, because of its health benefits even though it is still highly prohibited. CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants and there are several other CBD products such as gummies, edibles, and vapes. The product from hemp is legal and has been making waves in Japan.

Buying CBD in Japan

It is possible to purchase CBD in a regular shop and online in Japan.  If you want to buy online and be delivered at home, here is a list of CBD shops : www.bestcbdshop.jp/cbd-oil/ , but you can also buy from dispensaries. Many Japanese companies have proven trustworthy in producing high-quality products. CBD is strictly regulated in Japan, therefore products coming from outside Japan are carefully examined.

So you need to take care while buying because you could easily find yourself with an illegal product.

The use of cannabis is highly prohibited in Japan so the law is strict on some aspects of the CDB market. Sales of CBD products mostly take place online. Therefore it is advisable to pick from Japanese brands, to ensure you’re abiding by local rules.

CBD Market Growth

The increasing number of specialist and healthcare shops shows how fast the CDB market is growing. Although the nation is socially conservative, Japan now allows the sale of CBD products. This is positive news in the increment/market growth. Foreign brands are permitted to introduce their CBD products on the market as long as they follow the country’s rules.

Presently, Japan’s CBD market has grown by 100% year-over-year, and international companies are capitalizing on that growth.

The legality of CBD Oil in Japan

CBD oil is legal in Japan, and its usage has increased because of the medicinal purposes it serves. Although it is legal, customers must be cautious when buying outside Japan, because most CBD formulas made outside Japan contain more THC. CBD formulas must contain less than 0.03 % THC before it is legal.

Since Japan has a strict law on marijuana, most people still feel CDB is illegal, but it is noteworthy that both products come from the same plant, but CBD oil is THC-free. Japan treated Cannabis like a sacred plant. So it played a role in religion, tradition, symbolism, and medicine. Unlike other countries that limit its use for recreation and fiber.

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