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The PART V THE FUTURE FRONTIER OF CANNABIS-BASED MEDICINE REPORTING CONTRIBUTED BY LION GOODMAN he tide of cultural opinion regarding cannabis is clearly undergoing a major shift, as more is understood about its wide-ranging health benefits.

With the re-emergence of CBD-dominant strains and the increased availability of quality medicine, it seems this long-stigmatized plant is making its way toward a prominent place in the Western pharmacopeia once more. The future of cannabis medicine is bright, and simultaneously fraught with uncertainty. Our crystal ball is a bit cloudy (like everyone’s). In Part V, we touch on three major trends in cannabis medicine with tremendous potential: 1) reducing harm caused by the opioid epidemic, 2) political trends, including legislation, and 3) medical research and the customization of medication.

Valentine X takes effect almost immediately after ingestion, with the result of strong euphoria and a feeling of bliss and tranquility. Any pain felt in both the mind and body as well as any tension or negative effects tend to dissolve due to its high CBD level.


The Valentine X flowers have lumpy, dense, and fluffy popcorn-shaped dark olive green flowers with blue undertones and leaves, sparse amber hairs, and a thick frosty coating of blue-tinted crystal trichomes. This flower has an aroma of earthy honey pine that releases a sweetness as the flowers are broken apart and heated. The taste is of sweet honey with an earthy pine aftertaste that has a savory, spicy wood effect that stays on the tongue long after.

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