The Most Popular Diamond Shapes

When looking to buy a diamond, you’ll want to know that there are a variety of shapes you can choose from. These include the Marquise, Trillion, Round brilliant, and Cushion cut. Each of these has its own unique characteristics, which makes each piece a beautiful addition to your collection.

Round brilliant cut

The Round Brilliant cut is one of the most popular diamond shapes. This cut is also considered to be the perfect shape for an engagement ring. It has a classic and timeless design and looks beautiful in any setting. Whether you choose it for a solitaire ring or an elaborate halo, you will be sure to have a gorgeous piece of jewellery.

In addition to its timeless design, the Round Brilliant cut is known for its brilliant brilliance. Because of its shape, the light reflects off the facets in a stunning way.

Aside from their dazzling sparkle, round diamonds are also known for their durability. Round-cut diamonds have the best resistance to chipping and wear, making them a great choice for any type of jewellery.

Cushion cut

The Cushion Cut was the most popular diamond shape for almost two centuries. Fortunately, they have made a big comeback recently. They can be very sparkly, and they are an excellent value when compared to round diamonds. Moreover, the cushion cut is a great choice for a classic engagement ring. It can be matched with a round brilliant cut stone on either side.

While they’re not as brilliant as a round diamond, a good cushion cut still has the brilliance you need to stand out. They are a good option for those who want an antique look without breaking the bank.

Cushion cuts can be rectangular, square, elongated, or modified. Some cushion cuts even have an extra row of facets. But not all of them are created equal.

Heart cut

Heart cut diamonds are one of the most popular shapes. These dazzling diamonds have a unique shape and can look stunning in a ring. They are also a great choice for those looking to hide imperfections. However, the best heart shape depends on the size, quality and cut of the stone.

Heart shaped diamonds can be quite expensive, so you should be aware of what you are getting before making a purchase. A heart shaped diamond is generally a better value than round cut diamonds.

The point of a heart shaped diamond is to be a symbol of love. To do this, the stone should have a symmetrical shape and a clear point. This is important, because a lack of point can lead to a squished or undefined look.

Trillion cut

Trillion cut diamond shapes are a great choice for a unique and one-of-a-kind engagement ring or accent stone. They offer brilliant brilliance, fire and symmetry. However, their availability is limited and they can be expensive. This is why it’s important to shop around.

Trillion cut diamonds are not as popular as round diamonds. But they’re worth the wait. While they’re not quite as dazzling as the emerald or the ruby, they can still be stunning.

Engagement ring

Although they’re often used as accent stones, Trillion cut diamonds are also commonly used as solitaires. These are usually used in pendant necklaces or as the centerpiece in an engagement ring.

A trillion cut is made up of three triangular points. In fact, the diamond’s three triangles should be equilateral. The rounded edges, if present, should be uniform in size and without bulges.


The Marquise diamond shape is a popular shape in diamond engagement rings. This cut is characterized by its long, thin shape. In addition, it has numerous facets. These facets include the crown facets.

As a result, the marquise Lab grown diamonds looks larger than it is. It can also have a bow-tie effect.

The bow-tie is dark in the center of the diamond when viewed from multiple angles. However, a skilled cutter can minimize this effect.

Depending on the quality and carat, the price of the marquise can vary. Unlike other cuts, the marquise has a relatively low cost. For this reason, it is ideal for couples with a tight budget.


When shopping for a marquise, it is important to pick a size that feels right. A good way to do this is to take a piece of paper and cut it to the size of your finger. Once you have found the right size, you can see how the ring will look in your hand.

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