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The Re-emergence of CBD and Other Cannabinoids as Medicine

Cannabinol (CBN) was the first of the phytocannabinoids to be isolated at the end of the nineteenth century. CBN is now thought to be formed from THC during the storage of harvested cannabis. Its structure was illustrated in the early 1930s by R. S. Cahn, and its chemical synthesis was first achieved in 1940 in the laboratories of R.

Adams in the United States and Lord Todd in the United Kingdom. A second component, cannabidiol (CBD), was first obtained from cannabis in the same year by Adams and his colleagues. THC was first extracted from cannabis in 1942 by Wollner, Matchett, Levine, and Loewe. Both THC and CBD are present in cannabis mainly as acids that are converted to non-acid form by adding heat, a process known as decarboxylation.

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THC was isolated the following year. Research focus was first put on THC, as CBD was assumed to be a non-active precursor to THC. CBD is the most abundant phytocannabinoid found in all varieties of the plant, including hemp, and its immediate effects are more subtle. In the 1970s and 1980s, Mechoulam and his cohorts led numerous studies that showed the efficacy of both THC and CBD in treating seizure disorders and other health issues. Visit Here: topworld56


Yet the legal prohibition of cannabis in the United States and many other countries meant that research was extremely limited. Still, it continued to some extent in laboratories in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Israel as well as some U.S. universities. Since the 1970s, the anticancer properties of both cannabinoids have been studied, with promising results Visit The Site: newsmaster360

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