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The Subjective-Intuitive Approach to Medicinal Cannabis

Although it is always ideal to consult a doctor for diagnosis and guidance, the fact is that very few practitioners are skilled in the nuances of cannabis therapy, strain selection, CBD:THC ratio selection, and dose guidance (which are reasons we decided to write this book). In addition, each person has a distinct body weight and chemistry as well as a unique sensitivity or tolerance to cannabinoids.

These factors combine with an individual’s ever-changing dietary and pharmaceutical intake and hormone and emotional stress levels. One’s total-body makeup is a moving target, and cannabis therapy can be subtly adjusted each time one medicates, in line with intuitive information about what is best at that moment. Consult an experienced health care practitioner when possible; however, without tuning in to what the body is communicating, you risk giving power to someone who does not have the skill or knowledge to make informed decisions about what may be best for you.

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While many people may not feel confident in their own intuitive skills, it is our experience that cannabis helps open the door to this information, facilitating communication on all levels. The body is an intelligent and complex organism and has the ability to communicate what it needs to attain health, balance, and wholeness.

See the Epilogue at the end of this book for a guided exercise in connecting to the medicine intuitively. Each patient should listen to his or her own body’s response to discover his or her own optimum delivery method, strain of cannabis medicine, and therapeutic window for dosing.


A dose that is too small is suboptimal and may have no noticeable effect, while too much can actually increase the symptoms one is trying to treat. For example, cannabis can be used to reduce stress and anxiety, producing a state of calm relaxation. However, if too much is used, it can actually increase stress, causing more anxiety and the feeling of apprehension or even paranoia. This is the biphasic aspect of cannabis.

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