Top 6 Cannabis Inspired TV Shows


There are a lot of myths and stories related to Cannabis and its uses. From 2010 till 2021, cannabis has gained a lot of popularity and legalization, and now there are many cannabis inspired TV shows, some of which are health and food related. CBD oil or say Cannabutter have more health benefits than you can imagine and every country should legalize it for medicinal use at least.

Canna butter is a smoke free cannabis product which can help you with several issues such as nausea, pain, vomiting, and also good quality of sleep. There are several shows that you should watch if you want to know more in-depth about Cannabis.

Cooked With Cannabis

If you are a food lover and a pothead, Cooked with Cannabis is the ultimate show for you. The show is hosted by the singer Kelis, and is new on Netflix. It gives you the vibe of a Cannabis inspired MasterChef. Every episode there are different judges, and the contestants compete to get the hosts and special guests high on CBD and THC infused meals. The Winner gets a chance to win $10000.

With this show, Kelis wants to show the world that weed is not for loser stoners or junkies but also for successful people. So, if you are a cannabis fan and also a hardworking person, beat the narrative and watch ‘Cooked With Cannabis’ on Netflix.


For a more educational experience about weed, which is hosted by Vice’s Krishna Andavolu who talks about how weed’s legalization can impact the world socially and economically. The show also revolves around the influence of medicine and marijuana on each other and how it can change the medicinal world. The show lays base for marijuana dispensaries being considered essential. The documentary based TV series is perfect for you if you want to increase your knowledge on weed.

To watch the show, all you need is a good TV service and good internet. Xfinity tv packages are perfect for you if you want to watch live shows as well as stream shows online.

High Profits

The show High Profits is a CNN-based documentary and it revolves around young cannabis business owners Brian Rogers and Caitlin McGuire trying to expand their marijuana dispensary beyond Colorado. Considering the fact that this documentary was released in 2015, there are several other people with the same business across the US and there is no doubt that they have a bright future ahead of them, because people are now much more aware than they were back in 2015.


This Netflix show is led by the Oscar winning Kathy Bates. The sitcom revolves around a Californian marijuana dispensary and the comical crew that makes up its customer base. Kathy Bates plays a lifelong cannabis advocate who has just opened a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. The show is about the employees, customers, and all the people related to the dispensary and their lives. It is not very informative but is a fun and light watch for you if you are a comedy and marijuana lover.

Bong Appetit

Bong Appetit is a web series with three seasons. It is available to watch on vice, if you love to watch quick gourmet comfort foods. The episodes are hardly 10-25 minutes long and the top chefs explore cannabis infused comfort foods along with high-end meals infused with cannabis. The Cannabis-infused cook off is fun to watch and comes with many ideas about foods you can make out of CBD oil or Cannabutter.


The show is based on eight seasons and it revolves around the stigma about cannabis. The show covers middle class neighborhoods when the protagonist Nancy starts selling weed to locals. What’s special about the show is that it discusses the stigma and misconception that are attached to people who consume marijuana. The show discusses these sensitive topics in a very light and comical way. If you want to watch something fun related to weed, watch how Nancy gets drawn into the criminal system, develops a client base of her own and starts selling her own strain called MILF. She relocates herself to hide herself and her family to stay out of jail.

These shows are perfect to watch if you want to indulge in some Cannabis related fun and informative content. The shows are educational, comical and come with inspiration as well as many three course meal ideas to make out of Cannabutter or CBD oil. There is a lot of stigma around marijuana and its uses, but if you dig deep, marijuana has countless health, skin and hair benefits and is also great for your mental health if taken in the right way. So, beat the taboos and misconceptions and get cooking.

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