Uncomplicating Medical Uses of Cannabinoids- Top 4 Easiest Ways to Administer It

In the changing medical world, full of developments and innovative treatments- an emerging treatment with various uses is cannabinoids. Previously disregarded and termed illegal in many parts of the world, people finally realize the advantages of administering it for ailments such as seizures and pain management.

Cannabinoids are chemicals extracted from the Cannabis plant, the source of hemp and marijuana. Out of 113 different chemicals identified- 2 have become widely popular for their use in medical treatments. 

The first is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive chemical present in marijuana that causes hallucinations. While, the second, cannabidiol (CBD), is a hemp-derivative with the same beneficial effects but without causing a high.

With advancing developments, research suggests that cannabinoids can provide relief in numerous conditions. Some commonly known benefits are alleviating pain and inflammation from diseases like arthritis and improving muscle control in conditions like Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.

It also aids in the regulation and control of epileptic seizures especially in younger children, and the management of mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, and multiple anxiety disorders. It is why new ways of easy administration have been devised to increase usage in controlled environments.


As a progressing society, vaping has become a common habit of many. Be it to relieve stress, or reduce smoking addiction, you’ll find a vape kit in a lot of people’s possession these days. Vaping kits are also great for CBD products. Vaping heats the CBD vapes to an extent that allows the cannabinoids to be released without any smoke. The cannabinoid-containing vapor is then inhaled to induce the benefits of cannabis without smoking it.

This method makes consuming cannabis more discreet, causes less damage to your lungs, and can accommodate several products including but not limited to oils, resin and concentrate. With the growing popularity, there has been a decrease in vaporizer prices, making this method more accessible than before.


We’ve all seen those comedic movie scenes where someone bakes edibles using medicinal herbs, and everyone who eats them becomes delusional. That is not limited to movie screens anymore, as several cannabinoids can be ingested by infusing them into gummies, cakes, coffees, or even lemonade, without having to smoke.

Edibles are a potent way to induce cannabinoid health benefits into your body. They bear no respiratory risk as it does not involve burning marijuana and inhaling smoke, therefore it does not pose the same risks. The effects of edibles are also longer lasting compared to smoking or vaping. Due to this, it is an ideal method for users wanting long-acting relief from symptoms in pain treatments.


The introduction of cannabis in pill form was an optimal advancement in the medical use of cannabinoids. Pills can be manufactured according to individual needs by companies. Boxed and shipped, consumers can know exactly how much they are intaking by reading the box.

This method allows for the intake of cannabis without the extra calories or cooking time of edibles. People can easily purchase cannabis capsules from a pharmacy according to their medical needs. 

Reliance on this method also helps regulate the distribution and misuse of medical drugs as you require a prescription to acquire them. It is an excellent way to take medication for individuals who dislike smoking and are wary of other methods.


Inhaling or ingesting cannabinoids is not in everyone’s playbook. People who have grown up with a negative connotation of cannabis may be hesitant in using any of the above methods. For them, transdermal patches are introduced for their medical needs. Just apply one to your skin, and it will directly penetrate your skin to enter your bloodstream without any effort.

Transdermal delivery of cannabinoids offers several benefits over other modes of intake. Firstly, it is continuously inducing the drug into your body without any special attention. 

Secondly, it has increased bioavailability compared to other methods. This means that more percentage of the drug is being absorbed into your system in contrast to the same dosage via another technique. 

Finally, because its surface area is small and it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, there are fewer chances of drug-drug interactions within your body.


With the increase in medical afflictions, one must consider all options of treatments. Being organic and easily administrable, cannabinoids are optimal for low-cost, effective care. The easy and discreet administration allows you to get better without feeling the added pressure of consuming cannabis. 

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