Vape Pen vs Pod vs Sub Ohm – What’s the Difference?

Decisions: Choosing the Best Tools for Your Vaping Experience

Among the many choices available to vapers – apart from all the fab flavors of e-liquid uk  at your disposal – is the decision about which device to use. The right one will depend on various factors and your personal preferences. Still, it can differentiate between switching to vaping permanently or giving up early and going back to smoking.

In this blog, we’re sharing a brief overview of the three main types of vape kits, and you can always contact us if you need help deciding which one is most likely to work for you.

When it comes to your vape kit, there are three main options: vape pen, pod, and sub-ohm (sometimes also called a “mod”). Sub ohms and regular vape pens are the most popular way to vape, but they are by no means the only way.

The critical differences between pods and mods will primarily come down to a few factors – size, power, and affordability.

This is almost half as much heat as other vape cartridge filler , which cannot operate under pressure. With the ideal filling conditions made possible by a Vape-Jet, cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved from thermal degradation and oxidation, ensuring consistent product quality and filling speed.

What are vape pens?

Vape pens can be refillable or disposable, and they work by heating e-liquids that contain flavor, nicotine, and other ingredients. They are battery-operated and are popular among beginner vapers.

The vapor produced is inhaled, and it’s through the vapor that you get your nicotine hit (no tobacco is burned). Vape pens are typically a battery, a tank and atomizer or pre-filled pod, an indicator light, and a mouthpiece. The non-disposable vape pens are refillable.

Is a vape Pen right for me?

  • Vape pens can be refillable
  • They’re portable, so more convenient when traveling
  • They’re great for people on a budget
  • They’re simple to use, so they are a good choice for new vapers

What are pod devices?

Pods are the simplest of all the options available. When it runs out of e-liquid, you buy another one. Refillable pods are also available and can be topped up ten times.

Pods, as the name suggests, use a pod instead of a tank and are inserted into a battery-operated device. They heat up when air is inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Their flavor is more intense, and as they’re small, they aren’t bulky in your bag or back pocket. Depending on how often you use them, they will last between three and five days.

Is a vape pod right for me?

  • They’re easy to use straight out of the box.
  • They’re convenient for nicotine consumption
  • They’re more powerful than a conventional vape pen
  • They’re perfect for use with nic salt e liquids

What are sub ohms?

Have you ever been near a vaper surrounded by a cloud of white vapor? If you asked them, you would find they are sub-ohm vaping.

Sub ohm vape kit , also known as Direct to Lung (DTL) vaping because – the hint’s in the name – the vapor bypasses the mouth and goes straight to the lungs as you inhale. This e-cigarette can handle a coil with a resistance below 1. It’s measured in ohms – hence sub-ohm. They’re also sometimes referred to as “mods” because they allow seasoned vapers to modify the moveable parts of the vaporizer, such as coils and wicks, which means you can play around with the power and temperature and tailor your vaping experience.

Are sub ohms suitable for me?

  • Sub ohms offer a more immense flavor and lower nicotine levels than the other options. The best e-liquid is one with a high vegetable glycerine (VG) content.
  • They are not a good choice for inexperienced vapers
  • Don’t use them with nic salts unless you want to make yourself feel pretty sick
  • You might have to find somewhere to vape where your cloud doesn’t bother others

Whether it’s using a sub-ohm, a vape pen, or a pod when it comes to making a choice, there is no easy answer. So here are three essential questions to ask yourself:

How much power do you need? Sub ohms pack the highest punch, vape pens, and pods deliver a less intense experience.

What’s your preferred shape and size? Vape pens are more convenient to carry around, and sub ohms are bulkier (although the designs are becoming sleeker).

What’s your price point? Vaping is considerably cheaper than smoking anyway, but vape kit prices do vary – vape pens are most affordable, and mods are more expensive.

If you’re still not sure which kit is the best one for you, then take a look at our vape starter kit range – we’ve listed all the features of each product to help you make the right choice, and you can always contact us for further help and information.

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