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Vaped Micro V2 Deluxe/Luxury V2

The award-winning, longtime Bay Area company Vaped has a flourishing line of miniaturized vaporizers for use with wax, other solvent concentrates, and high-grade water extracts. These battery-powered units are similar to their peers in that they pair with a heating element—which Vaped dubs a “skillet bowl”—as well as a mouthpiece. Vaped is also among the first to introduce a “globe” attachment, which is basically a skillet bowl surrounded by a see-through glass chamber that helps pool and cool vapor during use. The globe looks really cool, and is a party pleaser.

Vaped’s kits also feature some pretty great accessories like a soft, zippered travel case with dabber, different mouthpieces, and even a lanyard so you don’t misplace the unit after it has gotten you totally ripped.

The “globe kit” comes with one globe and two custom-fitted skillet bowls. It takes seconds to learn how to assemble and use either the Micro V2 Deluxe or Luxury V2. First, fully charge the AA-sized batteries in under 30 minutes. A red LED light on the bottom of the Micro will turn off when it’s ready. The Luxury V2 has a tiny, LED battery meter at the bottom to tell you when it’s full.

Screw on a skillet bowl (or a globe), load with wax (or another type of high-grade hash), and then screw on the mouthpiece. The device turns on or off with five quick clicks. Once it’s on, press and hold the button for five to 15 seconds while softly inhaling to get a massive rip. You can take about four before the skillet needs a reload, and the battery can go for a couple days. People absolutely love the globe attachment, because you can watch the white, dense, hash vapor pool in the unit for a few seconds before you take a rip.

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The visual element is not only exciting; it helps people tightly titrate their dosage. But it’s also much less stealthy than the standard skillet bowl, and therein lies the tradeoff. Lower-profile, stealth devices have smaller heating elements and deliver smaller puffs. Bigger units are less stealthy, but can offer bigger hits or features like the globe. You clean the skillet bowl by emptying it out and swabbing it with alcohol-soaked cotton Q-tips. Replacement skillet bowls run $14.99 each or five for $49.99. The steel casing makes this a very, very durable pen vape. Visit The Site: khatrimaza

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