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Vaporite Sapphire Description

A key member of the vape pen family is “oil tank”–style devices that work with semifluid cannabis oil like BHO or CO2 extracts. These amber-colored, potent oils are sold at major dispensaries in the United States and must be poured into the oil tank. The Vaporite Sapphire vaporizes your oils and e-juices using a convection current generated by the Sapphire’s “clearomizer,” or oil tank.

Vaporite has been focusing on affordable vaporizers for over ten years, and the reasonable $49.99 unit comes in black, blue, red, green, and silver. Like many in its class, it features a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which screws onto the oil tank, which in turn screws into the mouthpiece. You unscrew the mouthpiece to dribble oil in and refill the tank, which holds up to 1.6 mL of THC oil or e-juice. The Sapphire measures five inches tall and a half-inch in diameter, and since it looks just like an e-cigarette, it is very stealthy.


In a crowded field of oil tank–style vape pens, the Sapphire stands out as especially easy to reload. A lot of pen vapes require several steps of disassembly to refill, but with the Sapphire, you just unscrew the mouthpiece and load it up. You’ll have a harder time finding oil that’s the right viscosity to flow into the Sapphire. You want something runny enough that it can be squirted, or funneled into the tank, but thick enough that it won’t leak when the pen is accidentally inverted

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