What does it cost to hire a car accident lawyer in Toledo?

Nothing is probably more unfortunate than getting injured because of someone’s disregard for safety or negligence. A significant number of car accidents are reported in Ohio every year, many of which have disturbing consequences. Following an on-road mishap in Toledo, you may find yourself pondering over the need for an attorney. After all, you have medical bills and wages losses to manage. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to hire a car accident lawyer in Toledo

When should you hire a lawyer?

There are many circumstances when you may benefit from lawyering up, including – 

  1. When your injuries are catastrophic or serious
  2. When you have endured considerable losses
  3. When you have a share in the fault
  4. When you have no experience with insurance companies
  5. When you know nothing about Ohio’s personal injury laws

In general, most victims and claimants injured in a car accident benefit from consulting attorneys. At the least, you can expect to know what your case is worth. 

The incredible advantage – No win, no fee

All accident lawyers in Ohio work on a contingency arrangement. They often sell the tagline – No win, no fee, which is a relief for people injured in car accidents and reeling from financial distress. This simply means that the lawyer wouldn’t get a fee if you don’t win a settlement. The lawyer’s interest in the financial recovery, and depending on the work involved, they may take anywhere between 25% and 40% of the compensation. You don’t have to break your savings to get an attorney to fight or assess your car accident claim. Local law firms in Toledo offer a free initial consultation. 

What about other costs?

As a client, you are responsible for the court costs and other expenses like investigation. If you don’t have the money now, your attorney can help you cover these costs until you win the car accident claim. Ask the lawyer if you are required to pay for these expenses if you don’t win. Once you get the settlement, your attorney will deduct these expenses. 

Final word

It can be hard to process what happened in a car accident. When you have suffered injuries, your immediate focus should be on your health and recovery. Hiring an attorney ensures that you don’t have to run after everything else. Your lawyer will negotiate the claim with the insurance company and get you a fair settlement.  

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