What Will It Be Alcohol or Weed?

Now, why would we say, what will it be alcohol or weed? Well, the fact is that these two have been compared to each other, going hand in hand, similar to smoking cigarettes. While alcohol does not make such a massive fuss in society, cannabis has. Many people look down on pot smokers, but the lack of education has led to it. People are misinformed, but the more you learn about it, the more you can see a vast difference between them.

So What are Alcohol and Cannabis?

Alcohol comprises one hydroxyl group that is bonded to an alkyl group. A tiny percentage of it is ethanol used in alcoholic beverages you consume. When brewing alcohol, it has no smell or color and is more described as a fruit. Yet, you find different makes each having its own properties.

The name cannabis comes from weed or marijuana, a chemical substance from the leaves or the buds. These substances are known as cannabinoids. The substance is a secondary metabolite produced by the weed plant. Thus we are sure you have heard by now about CBD and THC, which are the main two chemicals. These are also known as the endocannabinoid system.

How Do The Two Effect Your Brain

Both these substances affect your brain and how your mind works. Here are different ways your brain could be affected.

Using Alcohol

When you drink, the alcohol goes through your blood to your brain. There it binds with your nerve cell receptors. As a result, you may experience a short-term memory loss when influenced by alcohol. The reason is that it attacks the hippocampus region of your brain. What happens is that the molecules of the alcohol bind with different receptors in your brain. So it affects your brain differently, giving you different moods. This occurs because dopamine and serotonin are neurotransmitters causing you to relax. But the level of impact also depends on how much you drink and at what speed.

Using Cannabis

Similar to alcohol, the chemicals in cannabis or HTFSE also bind with different receptors causing changes in your brain. This happens if you use a high THC as it binds with your CB1 and CB2 receptors. The CBD content binds to the 5-HT1 receptor of your nerve cells. So when you get THC in, it gives you a psychoactive impact feeling high when you smoke. Yes, it can also cause hallucinations or paranoia sometimes.

What Are The Benefits of Alcohol and Cannabis

Both have their benefits as the CBD within cannabis or extracts Canada helps reduce seizures and also has antispasmodic properties. Compared to alcohol, it helps you if you suffer from anxiety or have eating concerns. It makes you feel relaxed. While alcohol makes you relaxed depending on the atmosphere in different situations. Using it in moderation improves your mental state if you have problems with socializing.

Availability of Both

Alcohol has been available for centuries, and today you find it sold in different stores. So you can head to your local liquor or retailer to buy it. Yet, you can purchase cannabis online or at some selected marijuana stores as well. So if you need to choose between alcohol or weed, which one will it be? If you want premium HTFSE concentrates, vapes, and more, it is possible through Matrix Extractions.

Final Thoughts

The truth is whether you take alcohol or use cannabis, you can still overdo it. While alcohol is a more accepted drug compared to weed. You will soon start to notice that the stigma with cannabis will become less. Both share similar attributes when it comes to science on how they work on the mind. Further, both can significantly impact the mind, but it depends on how you use it. So what should you do? Never overindulge.

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