White Sapphire Vs Diamond

There are many things to consider when deciding between a White Sapphire and a Diamond. A white sapphire lacks scintillation, which makes it look duller and less beautiful. Diamonds are known for their brilliance, sparkle, and fire, while sapphires are known for their body color and ability to display color. While a white sapphire may be a viable choice, it will never compare to the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond.

Synthetic white  

Natural sapphires and synthetic ones both contain the same chemical composition and are made from the same mineral. However, natural stones take millions of years to form. A lab-grown sapphire can be dated in only 60,000 years. That makes synthetic sapphires the more durable choice. As a result, synthetic stones have gained in popularity. Natural stones can cost up to $10,000 more per carat.

Diamonds and white sapphires are two of the hardest gemstones. Natural diamonds are harder than sapphires and are nearly 100% scratch resistant. White sapphires vs diamonds will, however, lose its visual sparkle and brilliance after exposure to light. As such, the appearance of synthetic stones is far more appealing than that of a natural stone. White sapphires can be more affordable and more durable than diamonds of the same size.

They are more expensive

While diamonds are the most commonly purchased gemstones in the world, white sapphires are a better choice if you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost a lot. A white sapphire’s cloudy appearance is due to the mineral composition, making it very hard to cut and produce a diamond-like sparkle. While white sapphires are more affordable, they are more difficult to source responsibly. In fact, nearly a quarter of the world’s white sapphires are mined in Madagascar.

As a result, white sapphires are less expensive than diamonds. Although both stones are very rare, they are highly valued and valuable. The only difference between diamonds and white sapphires is their cost. Diamonds are more expensive than white sapphires, but they are less difficult to find. Although both gemstones are precious, they aren’t necessarily the same type. Among the most common types of white sapphires, topaz is the most expensive.

They have more brilliance

Although diamonds still dominate the world of jewelry, sapphires have their own beauty. They reflect light in both white and rainbow colors. The differences in the two types of stones are the refractive index and dispersion of light. Diamonds reflect white light most effectively while sapphires reflect a mixture of both colors. This means that both stones have a different level of brilliance. Read on for a comparison between the two gems.

While both diamond and white sapphire exhibit brilliance, sapphires are more easily seen when they’re larger. In comparison, diamonds have higher refraction, which means they will retain their brilliance over time. However, sapphires will need more cleaning to maintain their brilliance. So which stone is better? You’ll have to decide for yourself by comparing the two stones side by side.

They are softer

As far as their hardness is concerned, White Sapphire Vs Diamond are both softer than each other. However, while diamond is the hardest substance on earth, sapphire white has a lower hardness and is more easily chipped or scratched. They are also smaller than diamond. But apart from that, these two gemstones are different in appearance. Here is a comparison of their hardness and their relative sizes.


The diamond shines with greater brilliance and fire due to its crystalline structure. The sapphire, on the other hand, reflects white light with a softer glow and a less sparkly surface. They are both stunning, but if you are looking for a softer gemstone, choose white sapphire. In terms of sparkle, diamonds are harder than sapphire. The difference is most pronounced in the case of the three-stone halo setting and oval-cut stones.

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