Why is addiction spreading so rapidly?

Addiction is quickly increasing, and it is becoming a cause for concern in the nation. A recent survey found that almost 20 million people have become addicted to drug abuse, and it is expected that this number will rise in the recent future. Understanding why this rise is a dangerous proposition is required before we understand why the rise is happening so that we can stop it. An increase in the number of addicts brings about an increase in crime. Most addicts often turn to crime to fuel their addiction. Even in the case that they do not cause direct harm, they can end up hurting people by motor accidents, inadvertently funding criminal groups.

One reason addiction is quickly spreading is unique to the recent events namely the covid pandemic. The pandemic has caused a rise in the number of addicts as people have been stuck in their homes for several months. People are worried about their jobs, families, parents, themselves, the danger of covid and the uncertainty of the future. All these tensions combine and beat the psyche of the person. It means that they are looking for a way through which they can avoid continuously thinking about the prevailing situation around the world. To escape these tensions, they can turn to drugs which can help them avoid these problems even if momentarily. The fact that most drugs have very short highs makes sure that people do multiple doses of these drugs, and this solidifies their addiction. With each attempt to escape the reality they need more drugs to feel the same sensation and so they are becoming more and more addicted. In other cases, people do it as a means of limited social interaction with the few close people around them. This also causes them to become addicts. The number of people who became addicts in this era of lockdown is still unknown and will be unknown till the pandemic ends and we can assess the damages.

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Among the recent addition to the ranks of addicts, the majority belongs to the young generation. Addiction is quickly spreading in the student population. This is because the young population is very naive and can easily fall for people who do drugs around them. They try to mingle with new groups and to fit they do drugs if one person from that group is an addict. This means that in a university or college addiction can spread quickly. Some youngsters are coerced to try drugs at parties which often are the perfect marketplace for drug dealers to sell their products to people with very low inhibitions. Alcohol has become a very common part of their lives and drinking alcohol daily is casual and acceptable and if you do not do so you are often seen as a weird person who is anti-fun. Another way these students are forced to take drugs is to cope with the increasing demands of their parents and teachers. Some students take performance-enhancing drugs which allow them to pull all-nighters so that they can finish their projects and exams on time. The act of taking drugs to supplement their workflow carries into their professional lives essentially becoming an addiction.

Rehab programs give the best results if the addict is brought to the center when the addiction is in the earlier stages but with enough effort from the addict addiction of any length can be left behind. These centers are very beneficial to addicts so if you or your loved one is suffering from addiction get in touch with your local rehab clinic i.e., queens detox so that you can return to being a normal member of society.

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